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Pallet dimensions


Standards and pallet dimensions vary according to a region. For instance, in Europe Euro pallets of 120 cm x 80 cm are used for packing cargoes. However, in China, Japan and Australia the so called standard pallets of 110 cm x 110 cm are most frequently used. Our neighbours in Finland use pallets of 100 cm x 120 cm and across the Pacific Ocean, in the United States of America the pallet dimensions are 1016 mm x 1219 mm and 1219 mm x 1219 mm.

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    Euro pallet


    Dimensions of an Euro pallet:
    Length – 120 cm
    Width – 80 cm
    Height – this dimension can vary starting from 30 cm up to 220 cm.
    The height of the pallet is defined by the cargo producer or sender according to the cargo specifics, weight and other factors.
    A cargo weighing 50 kg or a cargo of 2 tons can be placed on an Euro pallet.

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    Small Euro pallet

    Dimensions of a small Euro pallet:
    Length – 60 cm
    Width – 80 cm
    Height –  starting from 30 cm up to 2 m.
    Depending on the cargo specifics, a cargo can weigh starting from 20-30 kg up to 600 kg.

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    Finnish pallet

    Dimensions of a Finnish pallet:
    Length – 120 cm
    Width – 100 cm
    Height – this dimension can vary starting from 30 cm up to 2 m and above.

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    English pallet

    Industrial or the so called English pallet
    Dimensions of an industrial pallet:
    Length – 120 cm.
    Width – 120 cm.
    Height is not defined, however, most often the minimum height is from 30-50 cm up to 2-2.5 m.

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